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72% increase
in revenue

Break Fiji

"They’re onto it! The whole team really puts care into their work to deliver the massive growth we were looking for. I would 100% recommend them to any ambitious company – Constant new ideas, an obsession with performance and leads coming out of our ears…10/10!"
Rich Henry,
Increase in website leads
3050 last year vs 8770
People Reached by Ads
Cut short by Covid-19
Increase in revenue
Attributed to our ads
About the Company
Every year Spring Break Fiji hosts one of the best experiential travel packages in the Pacific. Selling tickets for groups of 200 people to attend a 5-day action-packed adventure to of sea, sun and partying in Fiji. With big ambitions for expansion, Spring Break turned to Double to rethink their digital strategy and figure out how to scale revenue as aggressively as possible.
Project brief
  • Scale digital advertising as fast as profitable.
  • Rethink a mobile-first website that maximises lead generation.
  • Launch Spring Break Fiji into Australia.
What we did
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website rebuild
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Dashboards & tracking
  • Creative content management
  • Advertising management

Mobile-first Lead Generation

From the beginning, we knew we had to rethink the website. With a young audience, short attention spans and 95% of traffic on mobile, the website needed to be simple, engaging and attention-grabbing. We structured the website to convert cold traffic into leads for the sales team, build brand trust and cover off major buying reservations.

Unleash the Campaign

25.5 million ad views

1.8 million people reached

54,200 link clicks

947 ads

Maximise Profitability

Storytelling vs. hard call-to-action?

To maximise the profitability of our campaign we need to trade off two ideas:

1. Strong call-to-action (CTA) ads work to convert people with a high likelihood to buy, but strong CTA ads can also scare away people with low brand awareness.

2. Awareness ads are needed to educate people with low brand awareness otherwise they won’t convert, but awareness ads can be wasted money on those who already know our product.

If you lead your campaign with a really strong call-to-action you risk alienating a huge part of your audience who might otherwise become buyers. People see your ad, click through without any context of your product, are confused by what they find, and no amount of follow-up ads can convince them to return to the site. In saying that, for people who already roughly know what you sell, a strong CTA ad can be your best source of cheap, profitable traffic. For cold audiences (people unaware of our brand) hype, product information warm people up so they’re more likely to click on our conversion ads and not bounce off our website.

It was also often cheaper to get someone to view 5 different ads (educating them on our major benefits) than get 1 click and hope people educate themselves on our website.

The Answer

Behaviour-based ads funnels

We planned out a logical order of 50+ ads ranging from introductory summary videos, showcasing trip activities, through to heavy call-to-action ads that assume full product knowledge. We then set up comprehensive tracking across our campaigns and the Spring Break website to build a personalised ad journey.

The more time an individual spent watching our ads, browsing our website or commenting/sharing, the more we could assume product knowledge and then more aggressively ask for a purchase.

Personalised ads (example):

  • You see 2 summary ads.
  • You click to the website but only spend 5 seconds
  • You then see 3 more ads each covering different trip themes – people, parties, activities.
  • Because you watched those ads through and tagged a friend a Spring Break photo album…
  • You then see 1 ad that explains the different trip packages, you click through and spend 3 minutes comparing options, fill out a form for Early bird pricing, then get distracted.
  • You see 3 more hard call-to-action ads that use payment plans, early-bird discounts and sell-out scarcity – you do nothing.
  • You get a text, a missed call and voice message.
  • Finally, you see a testimonial ad inviting you to complete your purchase.
  • You buy – welcome to Spring Break Fiji.

12 ad touch-points, 3 website visits, 1 purchase.