$10k budget.
Over $1,200,000 in new sales.

“Double have been nothing but instrumental in the development and success of this company. They’re not your typical digital agency, they think about things differently and get the results you want. Our ROI since engaging them was huge, within the first year we had booked over $1m in work. If you have a chance to work with them, take it, they understand how scale works and the young team has the finesse and adaptability to fast track you to where you want to be.”

Borian Millic, CEO.

Project brief

Maximise sales with the smallest marketing budget possible, yesterday.

About the company

SteelWindowsAndDoors.co.nz is a new company started by an established architecture studio who were frustrated by the lack of affordable suppliers for steel framed windows and partitions. Double was tasked with figuring out how to growth the company as fast as possible the least possible marketing investment.

What we did

Strategic planning

MVP Website development

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Google Adwords.

Analytics & Sales Dashboards

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • On track for 100%+ growth in 2019
  • A very happy client.

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