The Project is an established NZ electrical services provider with the ambition to dominate both residential and technical electrical niches.


Double was tasked with understanding the major drivers of revenue, building new marketing and advertising systems and growing the number of new customers each month:

  1. Build marketing systems to become the leading supplier in NZ.
  2. Drastically increase revenue.


  • Full website rebuild.
  • 200% increase in new customers.
  • 10k+ visitors via Google Adwords.
  • Website conversion rate from 4% to 19% (paid traffic).
  • #1 Google ranked Electrician company in Auckland (up from #32)
  • Complete tracking/analytics and dashboards and CRM integrations.
  • Ongoing testing and upgrades.

Marketing budgets vs. New revenue:

Our incremental approach saw the fast/lucrative improvements balanced with long term projects. This saw our marketing budgets steadily increasing over time as we continued to deliver.

Our key focused on rebuilding the online user experience with a (conversion-lead) focus on clarity and ease over salesmanship. From here we could prioritise the most efficient path to dominate new niches and understand how to build advertising systems can profitably scale.

What we did

Growth Strategy and Budgeting

Full Website development

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Complete Marketing Dashboards

Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

CRM Integration

Customer analytics and customer journey mapping.