Project brief

  1. Drastically improve website profitability.
  2. Understand what impacts customers’ willingness to purchase.
  3. Build marketings systems to inform and reduce advertising wastage.
  4. Predict the most profitable cities in the world to enter.

About Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt™ Umbrellas is an exceptional product company in the process of expanding globally. Blunt™ wanted to increase the effectiveness and profitability of their ecommerce website as well as establish advertising systems that could replicate local successes again-and-again throughout new markets.

Project Deliverables

  1. Design digital growth strategy and give budgeting recommendations for the most efficient paths into new markets. (Strategy)
  2. Drastically improve website conversion rate and advertising profitability. (CRO)
  3. Re-think and build a beautiful and smooth online purchase experience. (UX/UI design)
  4. Drive traffic with global Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  5. Understand that major hurdles of scaling ecommerce revenue and prepare advertising systems for international rollout. (Data-ScienceAutomation)


  • Significant e-commerce sales growth.
  • 200% increase in website conversion rate.
  • Ranked #1 on google for top 3 keywords.
  • Best Google ranked company in the industry in NZ and AU.
  • Comprehensive marketing and revenue dashboards.
  • Learning algorithm and data-visualisation to inform decisions of Blunts most lucrative new growth markets and recommended budgets.

What we did


UI/UX design

Website development

Advertising Automation (Social Media + Google Adwords)

Financial modeling

Digital Strategy


Conversion rate

Can you Calculate the Profitability of Advertising?  

We built a predictive model and an interactive dashboard that gives recommendations on which countries, cities and postcodes provide the highest likelihood for successful entry. This meant less wasted advertising, a cheaper entry into lucrative new markets and the ability to automate acquisition marketing in the future.

What is a Predictive Advertising Model?

Our team used 18 major variables and their interactions to predict the likelihood of someone being “willing & able” to purchase a Blunt Umbrella.  This machine taught model uses indicators such as a real-time “rain-wind index” and “average resident walking distance” to recommend the best spread of advertising budgets across each country.


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