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$10k budget into $2,000,000 in sales and growing.

Steel Profiles

“Double have been nothing but instrumental in the development and success of this company. They’re not your typical digital agency, they think about things differently and get the results you want. Our ROI since engaging them was huge, within the first year we had booked over $1m in work. If you have a chance to work with them, take it, they understand how scale works and the young team has the finesse and adaptability to fast track you to where you want to be.”

Borian Millic,
$2.0 mil

In revenue delivered
from 10k budget.


On Google for top 12 keywords
for industry-leading status.


Increase in bookings
from Facebook
(Cut short by Covid-19)

About this project has grown from nothing into one of NZ's leading companies for fabricating architectural steel windows and joinery.

After originally helping to get their first $2M in orders on a shoe-string budget, we then built a new luxury website that's continuing to deliver 100-200% growth year after year.

Project brief
  1. Grow revenue as fast as possible.
What we did
  • Growth Strategy
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Website Build
  • Search Engine Optimisation
Website rebuild

Building intrigue & perception of quality

The new website serves to build brand trust and to simplify the purchase process. Besides having an extremely SEO-friendly site structure, we wanted to smoothly move people from browsing into informed enquiries. With beautiful and highly scannable content, busy people can skim through, build their understanding of steel joinery and follow simple forms to get pricing.

Industry-leading lead flow

Designed for Conversion

Steel joinery typically costs 2-3 times aluminium or timber framing, but offers unique benefits of strength and style. To educate around the product and justify the cost, we built a  premium craftsmanship-lead brand that was minimal and human. This brand, as well as a sales process that clarifies (rather than frustrates), has set the business apart within the industry, and continues to drive massive lead-flow and industry-leading margins.

Result Focus

Getting The Result


Increase in revenue
Attributed to our ads