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Powering NZ's fastest
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“Reuben, Hattie, Gareth, Jonty, Brad, Ryan and their super talented team helped us realise our digital potential and reach our goals quicker than we ever thought possible, the sky really is the limit with these guys! They’re super knowledgeable, out of the box thinkers, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Couldn’t recommend the team more highly to anyone looking for results, fast... plus they're just an incredibly nice bunch!.”

Kat Rundle,
CXO and Co-founder

Increase in qualified leads
Directly attributed to our ads


Increase in website conversion
Across web & landing pages

xX $

Increase in revenue
Against original target

About the Company

Lightforce is New Zealand’s fastest growing solar panel provider with big ambitions. Expanding nationwide and building solar hubs up and down the country they are looking to double every aspect their digital marketing.

Project brief
  1. Build a sustainable source of quality leads
  2. Generate leads to match changing local install capacity
  3. Drive recruitment of new solar electricians
What we did
  • Digital Strategy
  • Ads Production
  • Landing pages via Webflow
  • Dashboards & Analytics
  • Ads Management
  • Growth Budgeting
Aim and Focus

Our Approach

A scalable lead generation system comes in two stages. Initially we’re focussing on capturing more of those currently in-market, how in the medium term we need to build demand for renewable energy throughout the country with the Lightforce brand the the center.

Major moving parts within our growth strategy:

  1. A trustworthy and likeable brand.
  2. Localised ads that get to the heart of what most home owners care about (saving money, avoiding risk and doing their bit for the planet).
  3. High converting landing pages.
  4. Clear tracking and measurability of results.
  5. Deliberate testing and learnings around targeting, creative and key drivers of enquiries.
  6. Building a recruitment engine.
Aim and Focus

Creative Lead Performance Advertising

Scalable advertising has moved away from audience targeting being the key predictor of success, and towards creative excellence. To scale leads we needed to create a range of new ads each month while testing our assumptions of what makes people act. We then used those learning to refine ad creative towards performance and reinvest budgets in our most profitable ads.

Website Rebuild

Mobile-first Lead Generation

With the majority of traffic flowing from social advertising channels, our mobile landing pages were a key to driving a great results. We priori-tied clarity and scalability as we showed why someone should both get solar panels as well as choose Lightforce to do it.

Landing page

Designed for conversion

With a goal to quickly summarise the key value offered and establish trust, the rest of the landing page works to educate and convert, while making enquiry as simple as possible. We focused on simple scannable brand language while avoiding jargon, mentions of price, or any aggressive sales tactics.

Ultimately teasing price and building intrigue were the most important factors for conversion, giving a reason for people to get in touch, rather than assuming they have enough information to make a decision without the sales team.

Tiktok Recruitment Campaign

We were asked to build a recruitment campaign to reach out to young planet conscious electricians and what better way to engage with them than on tiktok. Leaning on the expertise of our Gen-Y tiktokers within Double, we created a series of ads that were a combination of on trend, future proofed and maximised watch-through.

The result? We had to turn off the campaign early because the HR team was overwhelmed with applicants. With a media spend of less than 2.5k, over 350 leads and a CPA of $6.71 it was fair to say the future’s looking bright for Lightforce,

Testing & Scaling Ads

Scaling ads isn’t always a straight line. We walked through a deliberate testing program to uncover what series of messaging was most likely to convert kiwi home owners. Messaging continued to change over time to reflect evolving concerns of our different personas around climate, cost of living, interest rates, realestate outlook, local responsibility, subsidies and understanding of the product category.

Result Focus

Getting The Result

800 %
425 %
xX %

Increase in ticket sales
Against original target of 5k