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300% increase in website conversion rate.

Blunt Umbrellas

Our team built a beautifully converting e-commerce journey that dramatically increased customers from Google and Social Ads. Our visualisations mapped the most profitable countries for Blunt to enter and modelled the cash payback of advertising between cities.

“We’ve been working with Double on a long term local and global strategy for growth with immediate results. We got very clear on our goals, education, and need to move quickly and nimbly amongst a lot of change. It’s been a very successful and exciting journey and we look forward to continuing together!”

Tor White,
Brand & Special projects
300 %

Increase in Conversion Rate


On Google for top 5 keywords
Top company in NZ & AU


Increase in website revenue
Over 7 months

About the Company

Blunt™ Umbrellas is an exceptional product company in the process of expanding globally. Blunt™ wanted to increase the effectiveness and profitability of their e-commerce website as well as establish advertising systems that could replicate local successes again-and-again throughout new markets.

Project brief
  1. Drastically improve website profitability. Understand what impacts customers’ willingness to purchase.
  2. Build marketings systems to inform and reduce advertising wastage.
  3. Predict the most profitable cities in the world to enter.
What we did
  • Digital Strategy
  • Search engine
    optimisation (SEO)
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Predictive Advertising Modelling
  • Website development

Website Conversion Rate

By better understanding our customer (personas, typical website journey, critical purchase information etc) we were able to design and A/B test better-converting versions of the Blunt website. This was underpinned by immaculate tracking – telling us not only what customers cared about on their way to purchase, but which exact ad (or number of ads) maximised advertising budgets.

We began to treat different customer segments differently (older/younger, richer/poorer, city/urban etc, technical/emotional buyers) to personalise the buying experience and maximise conversion.

Finally, our weather based ads automation triggered ads to serve during bad weather (rain and wind) drastically increasing the likelihood of someone visiting the website to actually make a purchase.

The Blunt Umbrellas

Increased Conversion Rate

Result Focus

Getting The Result