We help you sell on the internet.

More people should buy from you online, and our team can help businesses like yours make more money.
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So who are we?

We’re fast moving marketers, thinkers and doers

At Double, we care about your ROI more than a pretty website. We’re a smart, fast moving team of digital experts dedicated to delivering on real business outcomes. We’re also real humans who really know what they’re talking about.
Reuben Griffin Founder Double Performance Marketing
Reuben Griffin
Founder / Digital Strategy
Gareth Klapproth Operations & Analytics Double Performance Marketing
Gareth Klapproth
Head of Operations and Analytics
Hattie Cochrane Digital Strategist Double Performance Marketing
Hattie Cochrane
Senior Digital Strategist
Ziba Mehta
SEO & Content Strategist
Anusha Rai
Data and Advertising Analyst
Alejo Pedreira
Financial Analyst
Matthew Chang
Data and Advertising Analyst
Seo Young
Digital Design Partner
Our network of experts
Creative leadership, Development, Videography and Industry Experts.
Our Process

Driven by data, delivered with clarity

We dive deep into the nuance of your business, working through a fluid process from discovery to delivery.
We work to understand your vision and get a fact-based view of your competitive landscape. We tick off quick wins and build a growth roadmap of disruptive strategies to position your brand for immediate and sustainable revenue growth.
Now we roll out in sprints, running experiments and building out your project. We work to prove our assumptions as quickly and cheaply as possible while drawing from new learnings to reallocate budgets into the most profitable areas.
Marketing is clearly profitable but you want to go bigger. We juggle budgets and focus on maximising profitablily across new countries, markets, and advertising channels. Finally, we steamline and automate while moving to dominate your industry.

We typically work on 3-9 month projects and have the option to hand the reins back to your team once projects are scaling profitably. This means we focus on thinking and solving your problems, not building agency-dependence.
Our Culture

We work together

At Double, we believe in showing, not telling. We look after our clients, crew and space. At the end of the day, we thrive on challenges and delivering great work.